Babor Skincare and Cosmetics

I have been using Babor skincare in my kit and on my skin for quite a while now and absolutely love it. The cosmetics have become a staple in my kit especially for bridal makeup. Two of my favourite products are the Skin Glow Illuminator and the Cushion Blush.
I use them in most makeups and every bridal makeup I do. The combination of the skincare and the cosmetics together makes for a beautiful bridal glow and flawless photos.

  • Babor Skin Glow Illuminator
    Skin Glow Illuminator is a must have for everyone! Not only can you use it to highlight areas of the face but you can also mix it in with your foundation to create a luminous glow. My favourite way to use the product is both mixed in with the foundation and also then add highlights to cheekbones, brow bones and cupids bow. The glow it gives accentuates your natural features and gives such a flawless finish.
  • Babor Cushion Blush -
    The Cushion Blush is unlike any other blush I have used before. It is essentially a liquid blush but has such a cushiony texture and glides on the skin so beautifully. The colour is so subtle allowing you to have a natural rouge or also build to desired finish. I use it on all skin types and ages as it sits so nicely and doesn't add a shimmer as such just a beautiful glow.

My go to products when it comes to Babor skincare are the Daily Revitalising Cream and the Reactivating Eye Cream. 

  • Babor Daily Revitalising Cream -
    This product is an absolute dream. I can easily say that on any skin I have tried it on it gives such a beautiful finish, and on my skin I have noticed such a difference since using it. This moisturiser leaves any complexion bright and fresh. Key ingredients are rock rose extract and retinol which assist in the regeneration of the skin's protective functions and will also increase cellular energy. It also contains ingredients to increase your own skin's moisture levels.
    To use this product I recommend applying to the face and neck and giving it a few minutes to let the skin absorb it in before you apply your makeup on top (however it makes your skin have such a gorgeous natural glow you might even want to go makeup free).
  • Babor Reactivating Eye Cream
    The reactivating eye cream is 1000% the best eye cream I have come across and I can notice within a week or so of not using how much of a difference it makes. I have it in my kit also as it absorbs super quick into the skin and concealer sits on top of it beautifully. It not only reduces fine lines and darkness but I find it primes under the eye for makeup application on top. It contains Alpine stem cells which prevent premature ageing so it will not only work on fine lines and darkness already there but also prevent them, making it suitable for almost everyone.





Sunescape Tan

Who doesn't love beautiful bronzed skin? With busy lifestyles and last minute plans popping up, we don't all have time to take off on an overseas vacation or to sit and wait for a tan to develop. Sunescape has brought out a range of products that is absolutely perfect for the time poor and to give you that sunkissed glow in an instant.

Sunescape's Instant range also has a 24 Hour Tan that you can wash off, absolutely perfect if needing to bronze up for a special event. The whole range is also Paraben free ensuring you aren't putting any nasties on your skin.

Over the past few weeks I have trialled the range and can honestly say I absolutely adore them!

1. Sunescape Instant Self Tan Mousse - 'Week in Fiji' RRP $44.95


The Instant Self Tan Mousse contains coconut and avocado oils and super nourishing macadamia nut to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and helps the longevity of the tan. It also contains Kakadu Plum, Grape seed extract, Green Tea and Vitamin E to not only nourish but protect the skin.
The colour 'Week in Fiji' will give you a medium tan and I would recommend it for all skin types. 
In terms of application I recommend ensuring your skin is prepped before applying the tan. Things to remember are:
- Always exfoliate skin prior to tanning
- If you have any dry areas like your elbows or knees you can also apply a small amount of Hydrating body butter to ensure the product doesn't grab.

Applying the product is made super easy for you by Sunescape's 'Luxe Self Tan Application Mit' I can easily say this is the most amazing mit I have ever used, it retails for only $14.95 and you can purchase it here:
The silky velvet mit has a thumb area to allow you to grip the mit on and gives a smooth application. It is also super easy to swap from left hand to right to ensure you can easily tan both sides of your body.

The tan gave an instant bronzed glow that was not sticky and dried within a few minutes. It can be washed off within approximately 4 hours but you can also not worry about it rubbing off on your clothes if you need to go straight out or have things you need to get done.
When it came to it wearing off, it did not go patchy or streaky, just faded out and did not dry out my skin either which was great.
If wanting a deeper tan there is also 'Month in Maui' which will give you a deeper bronzed finish.

2. Sunescape Instant Wash Off Mousse - 'Just for the night' RRP $24.95

Out of the whole range, my favourite! Not only does this product give you an instant glow, you can wash it off once you get home from your event. It gives an even and streak free tan that shows the colour right away so you are able to build it to be darker if you would like. It dries almost instantly and does not transfer onto clothing or feel sticky. 

Application is once again made super easy with the Luxe Mit. I absolutely loved this product as it gives such a natural glow that if you are only wanting to tan your legs or arms it won't look unnatural. With any tanning product I always recommend exfoliating and also applying a small amount of body butter to any dry areas. 
The best thing about this product is you can also use it as a top-up if your tan is wearing off also.

3. Sunescape Illuminating Body Tint - 'Mediterranean Nights' RRP $39.95


Illuminating body tint aka photoshop for the body. This creamy but sheer tint gives you an instant bronzed glow or will also enhance your tan. It looks absolutely beautiful on the arms and legs delivering a natural sheen finish. I used this product on the decolletage area also which makes your collar bones pop and just added such a nice natural glow. 

For application, I tried both the mit and also just using my hands. I preferred using my hands as i found you could massage it in more to give a more natural finish (just make sure you wash your hands with soap and water after and avoid wearing any rings to ensure you don't get a streaky finish). 

This product contains a bunch of hydrating ingredients such as Macadamia Oil, Coconut Oil and Argan Oil so even if your skin is feeling a bit dry or just wanting a beautiful glow I highly recommend this product. 

One more tip with this product, I trialled a small pea size amount on a buffer brush and lightly buffed it on the cheek bones for a natural bronzed highlight.


If you have any further questions about this product please contact me xx


So excited to share with you all my favourite tips and tricks when it comes to a natural beauty makeup.

Every monday I will be blogging about my 'Product of the week' if there is any products that you specifically want to know about and want to know how to use let me know and I can aim to feature it!

Stay Tuned xx